The Only 7 Products I Actually Needed This Summer

The Only 7 Products I Actually Needed This Summer

After having (almost) all summer to deliberate, I can confidently say I could have lived all summer using only these 7 beauty and skincare products. 

Dr. Jart+ Hydration Lover Rubber Mask

Long flight? put this mask on. A day at the beach? put this mask on. Doing laundry? put this mask on. In the mood for a mask? use this one. 

The rubber looks INSANE. I wore this on a plane (with my hood up and my eyes glued to the window so the woman next to me wouldn't all of sudden think the girl next to her was replaced by a member of the blue man group... the things we do for strangers, right?). It was dedication level 10, but honestly, nothing feels better than applying the glossy hydrating serum and then covering it with the cooling rubber. It's one of those masks you can't really see out of or eat while you're wearing, so get ready for a "relaxing" 15-40 minutes.  You'll know you're good and hydrated when the edges of the rubber lose their moisture.. because it's all in your face! Ugh. So good. 



MADAM C.J. WALKER Dream Come True Wonderful Deep Conditioning Masque

Give your hair a little extra love with all those showers you're bound to take (I hope). 

More moisture! This time for your hair. Since I highlighted my hair for 7 years, I'm always looking for new ways to condition and strengthen and rehydrate my (now, naturally colored) hair. Brittle, flat curls just aren't cute. So I picked up this jar in Sephora, and bought it fully based on the scent. This product smells amazing and subtle and wonderful. I use it 2-3 times a week and leave it on in the shower for 5 to 10 minutes. For more serious results, the instructions say to leave on for 15 minutes and apply moderate heat. I'll be sure to try that when I re-up. 


Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

If you don't start sweating immediately after leaving your house each and every day of summer, then I can't relate to you at all. 

The best part about keeping your makeup and skin care routine minimal in the summer is that you have NO PROBLEM just whipping out one of these perfect, individually wrapped wipes at any point in time (sans mirror) and wiping your face down. Ursa Major boasts that these wipes clean, exfoliate, soothe and hydrate -- and I can't disagree. I love that they feel like a reset button, and I love even more that I'm not forced to carry around 50 wipes in a bulky container. Just pop a few in your bag and you're all set! Until of course, you use them all... Stock up with the 40-pack. 


Skin Laundry Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 35

You'll have no problem re-applying this multi tasking 35 SPF all day long. 

This is my all-year-round moisturizer because I think we can agree that sunscreen on the DAILY is essential for aging gracefully and healthily (can't believe that's actually a word... but moving on). This is the first moisturizer with SPF that I've used that doesn't feel or smell, at all like sunscreen. It's light and hydrating but leaves my face with a matte finish so I feel comfortable (and non-greasy) leaving my face be without additional product.  If inclined, (say you had a long night/an early morning) you can even mix it with a bit of your foundation/BB cream for some extra coverage. 


Glossier Boy Brow

Here's to the only makeup I wear everyday. 

I wear eyelash extensions to keep myself low maintenance. Trust me, this does make sense. I have thick lashes, but a lot of them are blonde and very hard to see. And I'm not a huge fan of wearing mascara (okay, mostly just have a problem taking it off..) So with the amount of working out I do combined with my 5:30 am alarm clock,  I've come to find lashes make my routine so much less complicated. I only trust my eyes to Karolina Bula, check out her IG for the ultimate lash/brow inspo if you're interested/fascinated/etc. SO! Until I get her to microblade my brows, I need to keep them full or my lashes will overpower my face. This wax formula by Glossier is amazing. So simple to apply. So natural looking. And you apply the product with a wand, like mascara. Couldn't love this more.  


GLAMGLOW POUTMUD Wet Lip Balm Treatment

Yes, it's difficult to carry. No, it doesn't fit in your pocket. Yes, it's so worth it though. Just make it work.  

I've tried to like other lip glosses and chapsticks, but I just can't get myself to do it. This balm hydrates and I'm pretty sure it makes my lips a bit more plump, although that's not advertised. It looks great all by itself and even better layered on top of any type of lip color. The only downfall of this product is the container. It's so bizarre and non-practical. But I start to panic if I run out of this, so it's here to stay in my routine. 


COVER FX Custom Enhancer Drops

A little glitter never hurt anyone.  

I'm not anti-makeup if that's what this list has led you to believe. I just think in the summer, you're better off without the extra layers and powders on your skin. But this product is my exception. The drops can be used alone as a highlighter or mixed with foundation for an all-over glow. I've never tried the second option, but I'm sure it would make quite an impact. The highlight is HIGHLY-concentrated. As in, opposite of subtle. It comes in 9 shades, and I have the rose-gold which is one of the deeper bronzing colors so I only used this product at night. I'm sure if you chose a lighter shade, then this would work for a daytime highlight. Just be sure to work this product into the skin. I drop the highlighter sparingly onto my face, spread the color with a diffusing brush, and then use a beauty blender to further disperse the highlight. 


That's it! All i needed for summer. 

Let me know if I missed something that you can't live without.