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Continuing Education for Personal Trainers

In the largely unregulated fitness industry, the best way to set yourself apart is through expanding your basis of knowledge and staying up to date on the latest information — and continuing your education through certifications + workshops is a great way to do this!

I’m a big believer that diversifying my information sources creates a well-rounded perspective. I avoid prescribing myself to any one “school of thought” as so many ideas and concepts are constantly evolving. I aim simply to increase the potential benefit I can provide to the individuals that I have the opportunity to work with.

Most of the certifications and workshops I’ve taken have been formatted and scheduled as 12-16 hour long weekend workshops. I love this set up because it provides the opportunity for lecturing, hands-on and practical experience, and I find this kind of environment facilitates long-term connections and partnerships to be formed with other trainers, health professionals, and fitness enthusiasts that are attending.

Below I’ve outlined all of the certifications I currently have and the workshops I’ve taken, in addition to the ones on my radar at the moment.

Current Credentials:

Completed Workshops + Seminars:

Future Plans:

Let me know if you’ve taken any courses that I haven’t mentioned above! I’m always on the lookout.