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remote training

remote training

keeping things personal


the evolution of online training

One-sized-fits-all programs are a thing of the past.

Receive customized programming with weekly check-ins and regular reassessments. Maintain your progress, ensure proper form, and further your skill development with monthly in-person training sessions.


is remote training right for you?

  • Are you located in NYC or Brooklyn?

  • Do you have experience working with a personal trainer?

  • Do you have a basic understanding of proper form and common exercises?

  • Are you having to deal with last-minute schedule changes and/or frequent travel?

  • Are you self-motivated, reliable, and responsible?

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understanding the current state of your body is essential to achieving your fitness goals.

Receive training that directly addresses your injuries, imbalances, posture and mobility.

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program options





training sessions

each month



training sessions

each month


your trainer, lauren



Lauren Schramm is a private personal trainer in NYC, living in Brooklyn. With seven years experience, she’s developed a thorough understanding of how to address the uniqueness of each individual she trains.

Lauren focuses on longevity and functionality, creating programs that will help you achieve your goals while improving your day-to-day experience in your body.

Certifications + Specialties include:

  • Certified Personal Trainer; NSCF

  • Registered Yoga Teacher-200 hour; Yoga Alliance

  • CPR/AED Certified; American Red Cross

  • CFSC L1; Certified Functional Strength Coach

  • Sports Nutrition Coach; Precision Nutrition

  • Olympic Lifting Sports Performance Coach; USAW

  • Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Specialist

  • Agility, Balance, and Coordination Specialist

  • Progressive Body Weight Training Specialist

  • Kettlebell Certified Instructor

  • TRX Certified Instructor

  • ViPR Certified Instructor

  • Power Plate Certified Instructor

  • Onnit Foundations Certified Instructor

follow along on IG @laurenschrammfit


the process


  • Intake + Assessment

  • custom program delivered weekly

  • 2 or 4 monthly In-person training sessions

  • weekly email check-ins

  • re-evaluation + metrics


client experience



“The entire program is carefully personalized for my budget fitness level, goals, and progress. I’ve been able to get the benefits of working out with a person trainer in a way that fits into both my schedule and budget.”

- Sam Weiner


“I can’t recommend the remote training option enough. Lauren has helped me stay on a rigorous schedule and has maximized my workouts by building a program tailored to my areas that need improvement.

- Tyler Enders


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