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Completion of the following forms is requested prior to scheduling your conversation + shoot sessions.

If you have any questions during the process, contact Lauren by phone at 201-675-7330 or via email


General questionNaire

Mini Biography
Please Include your neighborhood if you're living in NYC.
Feel free to hyphenate + include your side hustles.
List any offerings you would like to extend to the audience.
Quick Stats + Insider Info
How do you contextualize food in your life?
Do You Have Any Dietary Restrictions?
What's Your Relationship with Your Phone?
When do you wake up and head to sleep? Where do you spend your time? After work plans?
How Often Do You Workout Each Week?
Who's the Most Influential Person in Your Headspace/Perspective at the Moment?
Who's the Most Influential Person in Your Headspace/Perspective at the Moment?
Have Another One?
Have Another One?
A Bit of Fun
This or That:
This or That:
This or That:
This or That:
This or That:
This or That:
This or That:
This or That:
Self-Care, Mental Health + Recovery
What do you do to ensure these circumstances for yourself?
Do you find yourself sacrificing or giving anything up?
What are you self-care practices?
Try to limit to your top 3
Struggles, Blocks + Challenges
Your vulnerability is commended + greatly appreciated.
Think personal lessons.
Are you struggling with something and feel like no one can really relate?
(It's okay if you haven't overcome this fear yet).
Inspiration, Support + Community
Where do you find yourself struggling to see eye-to-eye with others?
Feel free to suggest multiple individuals.
Guided Movement Offering
Please create a 5 movement offering for the audience that will allow them to implement your ideologies at home. If you could distill the most invaluable, actionable knowledge you have, these 5 movements would encapsulate it (no pressure).
What would you like us to call it?
You will be filmed in GIF-format completing these movements or actions during your shoot.
If you teach a class or work at a studio, would we have access to the space for a mini photoshoot?
Ideally, this is directly related to your offering.
Upcoming + Aspirations
What are you working on at the moment?
We'll weave it into our conversation.
Have Another One?
Have Another One?
Either literally, or a dream trip.

Podcast Guest Agreement



This Podcast Guest Agreement will govern your participation in the The Purpose Of MVMT Podcast (“Podcast”). This Podcast Guest Agreement is between Guest (“I”) and The MVMT Collective (“Podcaster”).


I agree to prepare properly and show up on time for both the conversation and shoot sessions. I acknowledge that I have been given the opportunity to choose a time and date for each of these appointments that works best for my schedule.

Cancellation and/or rescheduling of the conversation and shoot sessions must be made 72 hours prior out of respect for the schedules of those involved in the production of the podcast and the related content. If I choose to cancel or reschedule more than once, I acknowledge that The MVMT Collective may choose to revoke my invitation.


I agree to post in accordance with the following terms in order to publicize my appearance on the the Podcast. I acknowledge that all content will be sent directly to me via email at least one week prior to the publish date of the podcast episode. If I desire to create custom content related to the Podcast or the Podcaster, I agree to receive written approval prior to posting or publishing from The MVMT Collective.

I agree to the minimum posting guidelines:

a. 1 lead-up Instagram Story - posted within 1 week of the podcast publishing date (on a Wednesday)

b. 1 Instagram Story linking to the Podcast episode - posted on the publishing date

c. 1 Instagram Post of the Podcast Episode or a Photo taken during the shoot - posted 2 days before/after the publishing date

I acknowledge that all content related to the Podcast and the Podcaster will be tagged with both “@themvmt.collective” and “#thepurposeofmvmt” on Instagram Stories and in the caption of Instagram Posts.


I acknowledge that Podcaster has no obligation to publish the podcast episode, recordings or images.


I acknowledge and agree that Podcaster is the sole owner of any all rights to the Podcast, including the episode in which I appear. I further acknowledge and agree that Podcaster has the right to edit the content of my appearance and publish the same in any media now and in the future without first obtaining my approval.


I consent to the audio and video recording of my voice, name, and image as part of my appearance on the Podcast. I further consent to the distribution and broadcast of my appearance, including any information and content I provide, by The MVMT Collective in audio, video, or text form without restriction.


I am waiving any right to publicity and privacy claims, and agree my name, likeness, and business information may be used by Podcaster in the episode in which I appear and future reproductions as well as the marketing materials supporting the Podcast in general.


I am waiving any intellectual property claims including, but not limited to, trademark and copyright infringement claims, associated with personal or business interests discussed during my appearance on the Podcast.

Podcast Guest Agreement *
Print Name *
Print Name
Today's Date *
Today's Date

Conversation detail

Do you best to answer these as thoroughly as possible.

Your Background
Did you play sports? Were you active as a kid? Which sports/activities were you drawn to?
Did you experience difficulty adjusting physically or mentally?
List positive or negative influences. How were you impacted?
The Fitness + Wellness Industry
Was there an instrumental event or person that led you to where you are?
Which aspects inticed/attracted you?
Was it what you expected? Was anything surprising?
If not, please explain why.
Mainstream Ideologies
If not, please explain why.
List as many as you'd like.
How Do You Share Information?
Check all that apply.
Your Journey + Purpose
How do you push through when you don't feel like it? What keeps you going?
Did You Have Aesthetic Goals for Yourself?
*Most individuals DO set aesthetic goals for themselves (me included).
If So, Were You Able to Achieve These Aesthetic Goals?
*At least once before in your past.
How did you imagine your life would change once you physically looked a certain way?
Did you experience what you imagined/anticipated for yourself?
Tactics, routines, sacrifices.
Especially pertaining to the type of goals you set and how you measure success.
Is There Anything Else You Would like to Cover During Our Conversation That Has Yet to Be Mentioned?

All done.