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Hi there, it’s me.

I got my start in the fitness industry after dropping out of business school my first year of college. After arriving back home to NJ and regrouping, I scrolled through a powerpoint in front of my parents, proposing they loan me the funds to complete a yoga teacher training in the Lower East Side (none of us really knowing where that was exactly) but by some miracle, they said yes.

After the training was complete, I shifted focus onto a career in personal training - finding it quite exhausting to teach groups of people on top of holding down the 3 nannying jobs I was working at the time (surprising!). I got a job at Equinox and spent roughly the next 4 years there. I set my sights on becoming top trainer and after securing that title, I was eventually named as one of the 100 top performing trainers in the company, worldwide. I had everything I could have wanted for myself and things I didn’t imagine as possible for me, as a 22-year-old college drop out.

But what I found there, in the success, changed everything for me.

It did not feel as I had imagined it would. I didn’t feel like the successful person I thought I would once I achieved all those things, not even close. I was exhausted, working 15 hour days, 7 days per week, running on iced lattes and burgers, never time for my own workouts or sleep or personal life. I was miserable and anxious and burnt-out.

If this was what success felt like, I didn’t want it anymore.

I learned an invaluable lesson through this experience and it brought me here, to this work. Shifting my focus to the experience, zero-ing in on my motives, what’s driving me, my purpose and constantly questioning my end-game.

I’ve since moved on to run my own private training business for the past 3 years; working 5 or 6 hour days - freeing up about 2/3 of my time while tripling what I was once making when I was “successful”. I’ve come to understand that my needs must come as a priority if I want to effectively work with and positively impact others. I highly value and prioritize time off, especially when that time is spent traveling. I’m under no assumption that I’ve got it all figured out, but I’m in constant, unending pursuit of finding purpose and meaning behind all of my goals and actions.

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