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Hi there, it’s me.

I got my start in the fitness industry after dropping out of business school my first year of college. After arriving back home to NJ and regrouping, I scrolled through a powerpoint in front of my parents, proposing they loan me the funds to complete a yoga teacher training in the Lower East Side (none of us really knowing where that was exactly) but by some miracle, they said yes.

I learned quickly that the $25 I was making teaching a class wasn’t going to cut it in New York. Besides nannying, which I was already doing (for 3 families at once), I had been an athlete my entire life up until that point - nothing serious like a scholarship offer or an all-state title, but I was never not in season for something while I was growing up. A few friends and I had a trainer during the summer before our junior year of high school basketball - he was our PE teacher from elementary school, actually. So I knew (for the most part) what a deadlift was and how to use battle ropes to get yourself to the space just before you puke.

After the training was complete, I moved into pursuing a career in personal training - finding it quite exhausting to teach groups of people on top of holding down the 3 nannying jobs I was working at the time (surprising!). I got a job at Equinox and spent roughly the next 4 years there completing all of the continuing education that was offered, climbing the ranks to secure the title of top-performing trainer in the West Village club I worked at, and eventually being named within the top 100 performing trainers in the company, worldwide. These accomplishments, though sounding impressive, entailed 15 hour work days, beginning at 5:30 am and ending around 9 pm, 7 days a week. Allowed no time or energy for a fitness routine of my own, I was running on 4 iced lattes per day usually accompanied by a scone or muffin, ending my days by stuffing a burger or burrito down before passing out (or often lying awake all night with anxiety about the next day) and getting up to do it all again. I was quite a irritable person to be around if you weren’t on my clients of course, because I had to keep appearances.

Here’s where I learned my first lesson on purpose. I had it all - the status, the clients, the bonuses, making more money for myself than I could have imaged as a 22-year-old college dropout - but it felt NOTHING like what I’d imagined it would, not even close.