The MVMT collective

Empowering you to become the leading expert on your own body. 


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meet the founder

Lauren is a Private Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor currently living in Brooklyn with her mini Aussie, Finn. She got her start in the industry in 2013 and established her own business this past summer. 

She developed The MVMT Collective as a solution to the over-complication and noise that currently dominate the fitness industry.

After having spent years working with a diverse client base -- witnessing the same issues across all demographics; she knew there had to be way to communicate the solutions she was providing to her clients' consistent obstacles, problems, and pains. 

The Subscription provides individuals with a simplified and efficient method of  gathering the information necessary to attain and maintain functional bodies.

Lauren believes everyone should have access to knowledge of the human body and more importantly, the tools necessary to make lasting changes. 

She can't seem to find anything better to do with her spare time besides attending Sunday evening sound baths or reading up on existentialism, crystal-in-hand.